Thursday, May 24, 2007

Loom knitted scarf

Loom knitted scarfFor those who don't know, peg knitting has been around for hundreds of years. I've learned a lot about it from the HistoricKnit group at Yahoo! that I had never realized before. It is not a new technique and nearly anything done on straight needles can be done on pegs including lace, cables, increases, and decreases. Really fine knitting can be created with nicer looms that the Knifty Knitters. The key is lots of pegs that are very close together (Decor Accents, Inc. has a wide range of very nice looms, among others).

Pattern: No pattern but I used the instructions from Knitting with the Knifty Knitter II: A New Experience in Knitting by ProvoCraft. I used the basic figure 8 style method until I ran out of yarn and method C for removing the knitting from the loom.
Dates: December 2006
Yarn: Probably
Red Heart (100% Acrylic) but I can't be sure since it came out of my stash.
Color: One strand each of pink and white.
Loom: Small wooden knitting board with 11 pairs of pegs. Purchased at
Hobby Lobby, but I have no idea of the brand.
Finished size: 4.75" x 24" (just barely long enough for Abby to wear). I made it as long as the yarn lasted.
Modifications: none.
Comments: This was really just a test piece to see what the loom could do. I think it has a cool texture, especially when worked with two strands. The figure 8 wrap produces twisted knit stitches which are further altered by the double strand. The bind off I used is a basic cast-off like in needle knitting, but done on pegs with a crochet hook (if that makes any sense). I think I'd like to see about a wider one to make baby blankets for the NICU. This is very thick and comparable to double knitting.

More photos!

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