Saturday, August 15, 2009

Award Board

I thought I'd show everyone what Abby and I made this summer for Abby's ribbons and newspaper clippings. We started out with a piece of foam core, a small piece of cotton fabric that Abby chose, some ribbon from the clearance bin, and white craft glue. Oh, and two little painted wooden shapes (they were Abby's idea). The fabric is held on with a line of glue on the back and the ribbon is simply cut, overlapped, and glued on the front. The wire in the ribbon helped keep things neat and tidy across the board, but honestly, I didn't even realize it was wired until we got home. I'm not real impressed with my photography skills on this one - I just couldn't seem to make it look straight in the photos the way it is in reality.
Abby loves that she has a special place to show off her ribbons and clippings and I'm glad she isn't taping things to the wall!

More photos!