Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mother-In-Law Scarf

Mother-In-Law Scarf Shortly after Christmas my mother-in-law asked me if I would knit her a scarf. I think she was jealous of the scarf I'd been working on for quite some time for my mom (future post). I said "sure" and the next thing I knew she had purchased three skeins of the yarn you see. Not what I would have picked, but it's what she wanted. I wasn't sure what to make and settled on the basketweave pattern because I figured it would work up to a very thick scarf. It did. But I'm not sure the multi-colored yarn shows off the pattern to its best advantage.

Pattern: Traditional basketweave design.
Dates: February 2007.
Yarn: Red Heart Classic (100% Acrylic), about 2 skeins.
Color: gemstone (959)
Needles: vintage size 10 aluminum, I think.
Finished size: 8.25" x 48"
Lessons learned: Never let a non-fiber person pick their own yarn. You'll end up knitting with plastic when you'd rather be knitting with something a little nicer. I was originally planning to use Wool-Ease by Lion Brand.
Comments: This scarf doesn't lay as flat as I'd like but the recipient will never know the difference.

More photos!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Comments needed

I started fiddling around with the look of this goofy thing and can't decide if I like the light blue/grey background. Maybe the solid, dark, navy blue was better? Can everyone vote for me so I don't have to decide?

Next on my list is to post the projects I photographed last week but I got sidetracked with this.