Thursday, October 18, 2007

First Mittens

An extremely wonderful friend of mine gave me this yarn and this pattern for Christmas last year. I put off doing the project for a while, largely because I was afraid of how nice the yarn was. But I finally got the courage and am pretty happy with the result. They seem a little different in size in the picture but don't seem that way in real life. I'm blaming my non-existent photography skills.

Pattern: Easy Hats & Mittens (AC-20) by Bev Galeskas at Fiber Trends
Dates: August 2007
Yarn: NORO Kochoran (50% Wool, 30% Angora, 20% Silk)
Color: 1
Needles: size 7 & 9 bamboo DPNs
Finished size: pattern says women’s medium and they fit me
Modifications: none (I'm not one to modify a pattern the first time out)
Lessons learned: This was my first set of mittens. Although the Ribbons Baby Blanket used DPNs for the center, this was the most I had used DPNs to date. There is a thumb gusset in these and I had to leave the thumb stitches on waste yarn until ready to knit them, something I had never done before.
Comments: I hope no one is surprised about the fact that this is a
Fiber Trends pattern. I really love these! The colors and the color variations in these are amazing as well!

More photos!

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